Production Process

We’ve carefully designed our process to ensure a fast, easy and enjoyable experience that fits your busy schedule. Once you place your order, our team leaps into action to create a custom video for you that’s as professional and unique as your business. Here’s how we do it.

STEP 1: Scheduling & Preparation
•When you place your order, Go! Webmercial taps into its hand-picked network of professional filmmakers.

•We’ll then contact you and schedule your shoot when and where it’s convenient for you.

•We’ll provide guidance on do’s and dont’s, plus a simple checklist to help you get ready.

•If you need more information, the Go! Webmercial online advertiser center has all the details you need. If you have additional questions, our trained customer support staff is standing by at 540-268-0190
STEP 2: The Shoot
•A professional Go! Webmercial filmmaker will arrive on location on the scheduled day and time.

•The shoot lasts 60-90 minutes. In that time, the filmmaker will take footage of your operation in action and interview you and/or the employees and customers you’ve chosen to appear.

•Your filmmaker will guide you through the process to ensure that your interview and footage look and sound great.

STEP 3: Production

•Once the shoot is complete, the filmmaker assembles the footage to tell a compelling story, including adding music, titles, and all the elements that make Go! Webmercial videos so effective.

•Once complete, our expert quality assurance team reviews the video and ensures that it meets Go! Webmercial’s high standards. With our stamp of approval, the video is released to you for your review.

STEP 4: Review and Approval
•When your video is complete, Go! Webmercial sends you a link to a web page where you can review your video and request changes.

•You have three rounds of edits to get everything just right.

•After you approve your video, we’ll email you the code you’ll need to post your video on your web site.

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